Here At Cannabis Combats Cancer(CCC) We Are A Dedicated Team Who Have Lost And Saved Close Family And Friends Whilst Using Various cannabis Treatments. Even Through We Have Lost Our Closest Friends And Family To Cancer We Have Saved And Helped Prolong Livable Happy Life. Our Results For Total Cure Are Quite High For A Non Medical Team. In Most Circumstances We Are Able To Help People To Stabilize There Closest Loved Ones And Give People A Glance Of Hope That Our NHS Don’t. Cancer Is A Life Changing Deadly Disease And  The Sooner Its Diagnosed The Better Chance Of A Full Recovery. We Have Built This Site Has A Non Profit Organization And We Are Here To Help Anyone And Everyone. We Are Here To Guide People To The Best Of Our Educated  Knowledge. We Are Here To Give Advise On All Aspects Of Cannabis From What Strain To Use For What Treatment To How To Grow And Make Cannabis Products.


Do Not Trust Anyone When Purchasing Ready Made Cannabis Products. We Used For Nearly 8 Months A Reputable Company In Spain To Supply Our Clients With Cannabis Product To Find They Was Not Holding Up There End Of The Bargain And Counterfeiting THC And CBD Test Result. The Only Way To Be 100% Is To Buy And Use Raw Cannabis Plant. You Could Test The Purchased Pre Made Products But Please Do Not Take Anyone’s Word. It Was Another Site Written A Review Explaining That Using 10 Ounces Of Cannabis Plant You Would Get 25-35 Milligrams Of High THC CBD Oil And Sell This For £45 A Milligram So The Most They Would Get From The Sale Would Be £1575 But Also Using 4 Litres Of Spiritoff Vodka At £60 Per Litre That Made The Profit Being £1355. The Street Value Of 10 Ounces Is Between £1500-£1800 Depending On The Area You Live And The Strain You Purchase So When I Ask The Question To Our Supplier There Answer Was The Test Was Off The First Wash And Not All 3 Washes. So For Example The First Wash THC Is 76% Then The Second Wash THC 29% The The Third Was 12%. The Supplier Was Selling Our Clients Oil As 76% THC When In Fact It Is A Very Poor 39% THC Count. Some People Use The Deadly Acetone To Produce CBD Oil Which Is A Big NO. Do Not Purchase Or Use Any Oil Produced With Acetone This Will KILL You Eventually.