Making Cannabis Oil At Home


How To Make Cannabis Oil

Making Cannabis Is Highly Illegal In Most Countries
If you have access to raw cannabis material then making cannabis oil at home is very easy.

Cannabis oil is used for many different types of treatments from the simplest of rashes to the more serious caner cell invasion. Cannabis material can be eaten, inhaled, or rubbed on topically. It is the main ingredient to many cannabis recipes. The high THC in the oil brings on an enjoyable relaxing mood and has psychoactive effect when ingested, so it’s a great base for chocolate Cake!

Cannabis oil is also a great medicine containing large quantity of healthy human compatible cannabinoids. The main two cannabinoids with the greatest and most powerful medicinal value are THC and CBD. Both of these key compounds in cannabis oil products. The oil can be used as treatment for a whole range of physiological and psychological illnesses, including headache, insomnia, muscle pain, inflammation, arthritis, glaucoma, anxiety and depression. Cannabis oil can even be used as herbal cancer treatment. Leading scientists and doctors are suggesting that cannabinoids can inhibit tumor growth by disrupting the formation of new blood vessels that the tumors need to grow. Cannabinoids even seem to attack cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells intact. Go cannabinoids!

Using cannabis oil as treatment is a great and effective way to get a high dose of new revived cannabinoids in to the body, The extracting process removes all of the cannabis plant material leaving only pure  cannabis oil behind. This cannabis oil contains high percentages of THC and CBD, so it’s possible to consume greater doses of the new revived cannabinoids.

It is highly recommended to choose a high quality cannabis strain to make your medical cannabis oil with. You can grow your own cannabis at home with ease and use that. It is good to use your own home grown because otherwise the unpleasant chemical fertilizers and pesticides end up in your oil in concentrated levels. The purer the strain, the better.

It is important that you think of the best  location to make your cannabis oil. You will need to find a well ventilated and open space with windows and a gas or electric stove.

Step 1: Assemble the ingredients and tools you will need

You will be using are 10 ounce of raw cannabis plant material and 4 litres of high proof alcohol, such as spiritoff vodka. Be certain to use alcohol that is intended for human consumption, do not use rubbing alcohol or deadly acetone.

The tools you will need are a mixing bowl, a silicone mixing spatch, a straining device such as a muslin bag, cheesecloth, coffee or even better a potato ricer filter paired a container to catch liquid, a double boiler, a plastic syringe, a lollipop stick and glass jars.

Step 2: Extract the cannabinoids from the cannabis

Store vodka and cannabis in freezer overnight then soak the cannabis plant material in the alcohol by putting the crushed cannabis plant material into the mixing bowl and submerging it in the pure alcohol. Stir and mash the mixture with the silicone spatula for about 3 minutes. Place the bowl and all the contents back in to the freezer for 3 hours. Strain the cannabis mixture in to a glass bottle or jar using your prefered utensil(potato ricer)(never use plastic). Setup a funnel and put a coffee filter inside the funnel now poor your strained cannabis wash through the coffee filter into the second glass container. This makes sure theres no small nasty tasting cannabis plant material in your cannabis oil.

Step 3: Do a second strain

With the leftover cannabis plant material repeat the first strain process again. The strain process can be done a maximum of 3 times. The more times strained the less percentage of THC. 

Step 4: Still The ALCOHOL cannabis wash

The easiest, cost effective and safe way to do this is to purchase a 4 litre alcohol still. With a still 80% of your alcohol is drawn out and can be reused. Poor the 4 litres of cannabis wash into the still and set temperature to 100C for 20 minutes then switch the temperature down to 85C keeping a close eye on how much alcohol is left is the still. We want to get out as much alcohol without burning the oil. Once there is very little cannabis wash left remove the still lid and stir gently with the silicone spatula. Once the oil looks like hot honey it’s time to remove the cannabis oil from the still into a small glass dish.


Now wash the still and put the small mesh shelf into the still and place your small glass dish with your oil onto the mesh shelf. fill the still very carefully with water just enough to cover half way up your small glass dish. Turn on still and set temperature to 85C and leave boiling for 2 hours keeping a eye on water level and on tiny bubble forming in the cannabis oil. These bubbles are alcohol disbursement. Once the bubbles have stopped turn still off and leave to cool. fill a pan with hot kettle water just enough to go halfway up the glass dish. place the cooled glass dish with your finished cannabis oil into the how water and wait a few minutes to thin out. Now syringe the thinned cannabis and store it the fridge.

Alcohol Still

Glass Dish

Coffee Filter


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