How Cannabis Combats Cancer

There Are Various Ways To Apply Cannabis Oil And Cannabis Plant Extract. First Of Do I Little Research On The Right Application Procedure For Your Medication. When Cannabis Treatment Is Taken The THC Work Themselves Around The Body Attaching Themselves To Cancer Cells Causing Some Of The Cancer Cells To Self Destruct And Also Damage The Outer Shell of Other Cancerous Cells This Makes A Opportunity For the  Cannabinoides(CBD) To Do There Work And Attack Which Also Makes More Cancer Cells Self Destruct And Also Leave Many More Cancerous Cells Damage And Unstable. The Final Stage Is The Increased cannabinoides(CDB) In The Body Report Back To Bodies Immune System Reporting The Damaged Cells. Once The Cells Are Damaged The Bodies Immune System Then Sends Out Its Most Deadly Attack Killing And Clearing ALL Damaged Cancerous Cells. This Happens Every Few Minutes Repeatedly. This Is Just A Brief Understanding Of The THC,CBD And The Cancerous Cell Battle.

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