Growing Medical Cannabis

Growing Cannabis Is Illegal In Most Countries Including The UK. Cannabis Is A Very Easy Plant To Grow As Long As You Understand Just Because The Cannabis Plant Is In Fact A Weed It Need The Very Best Care To Get The Best Results So You Need To Treat Them Like Your Prize Winning Roses. The First Step Is To Obtain Either Seeds Or Cutting. Cuttings Will Be Harder To Obtain But Will Save You At Least 8-10 Weeks. Because Your Treatment Is Needed Sooner Than Later I would Say Everyone Should Start With Cuttings.

Most Of The Time Cuttings Need To Be Ordered Previous To Your Grow Being Started. Once Cuttings Have Been Ordered Its Time To Find Efficient Accommodation For The Plants To Thrive. Most People Use Grow Tents For Indoor Use As There A Cheap Quick And Independent Room  Specially Designed For Growing Indoors And Costs As Little As £75 Once You Have Choose The Correct Place For Your Grow To Start Then You Must Think About A Grow Light. In My Research The Best Inexpensive Light Is A Winged Shade With A 600 watt HPS Dual Spectrum Bulb Combined With A Digital Dimmable Ballast About £80. Now You Have The Room or Tent And A Light You Now Need To Think About Grow Medium. Grow Medium Is Not That Important. Most People Use Either Coco Or Clay Pebbles Or Even A Coco, Pebble Mix. In My Research I’ve Found 80% Of Indoor Grower Use Clay Pebbles. The Next Thing To Think About Is How Much Time You Have Every Day To Water And Care For Your Plants. Ive Read That Watering Takes Time To Prepare And Then Water Every Day Then And In Some Circumstances Twice A Day. Mixing Plant Food Is Very Hard To Get Right It A Bucket With It Being Such A Small Amount. In My Research Indoor Grower Vote To Use A Wilma 4 Pot System With Clay Pebbles Costs Around £125. The Wilma System Has A Large 70 Litre Reservoir For You To Mix The Plant Food. Plant Food Is Measured In EC 0.7-1.2 For Cuttings With A Water PH 5.5. Now We Have A Tent With With A Light And A Watering System It Is Time To Sort Out Ventilation And Odor Control. On A 1.2 Meter X 1.2 Meter Tent You Will Need A 5 Inch Induction Fan And A 6 Inch Extractor Fan Connected To A Carbon Filter For Smell. For Bigger Tents Please Buy The Significant Size To Do The Job. Always Buy A Larger Extractor Fan Than The Induction Fan. This Creates Negative Pressure Causing All The Odor To Pas Through The Carbon Filter. Indoor Grower Say They Grow There Cuttings Under A 600 Watt Light Switched Down To 25% With The Dimmable Ballast 24 Hours A Day. Once The Cuttings Have Grown Half The Height Of Your Tent They Turn The Light To Begging To Start Budding By Changing The Light Timing To 12 Hours From 24 Hours Per Day. For The First 2 Days Leave The Light At 25% Then The Third Day Turn The Dimmable Ballast To 50% For 3 Days. On Day 6 Turn The Dimmable Ballast To 100%. On Day 8 Pull The Light Close To The Plants 40cm  Away From The Tallest Plant And Increase EC To Around 1.5. The Light Needs To Be Kept At 30cm-50cm From The Plants At All Times So Daily Checks Is Needed. After 4 Week Increase The EC to 1.7-1.9 But Never Go Over 2.0. The Plant Will Finish Budding Around 8 Weeks Time Depending On The Plant Strain. The Person Who Sells You The Cuttings Can Advise This. After Budding Has Finished Its Time To Cut And Trim Your Bud Ready For Your Treatment Type Application. 


  • 1) Grow Tent Or Room 
  • 2) Grow Light And Ballast
  • 3) Watering System
  • 4) Ventilation And Filter
  • 5) Cuttings
  • 6) PH And EC Pen
  • 7) Plant Food (Canna A And B)
  • 8) PH Up And Down

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