This Website Has Been Designed To Provide Up To Date Information On Cannabis And The Way It Attacks Different Types Of Cancer And Cancer Cells. Please Do Your Own Research On The Treatment You Require As Using Cannabis And Cannabis Products Is A New And Is Still Under Research.



Cannabis Contain Cannabinoids(CBD)And They Are A 99.9% Match To The Cannabinoids(CBD) In The Human Body. Cannabinoids(CBD) Regulate The Healthy Cells Structure In The Body. Cannabinoids(CBD) Multiply In The Body When The Body Is Under Attack From Diseases. Cancer Unfortunately Imitates Itself As A Healthy Cell In The Body And The Bodies Immune System Then Fails To Identify The Cancerous Cells Attacking The Body.  Cannabinoids(CBD) Help The Body To Repair Damaged Cells And This Itself Helps The Body Hold Off The Attack. Cannabis Also Contains THC Unlike CBD Oil Which Is The Extract Of A Hemp Plant Not A Cannabis Plant. THC Also Attacks Cancer Cells And Makes Them Unstable And Interrupting There Attack. CBD(Hemp Extract)Is Also A Very Effective Solution To Combat The Cancer Cells But Not As Effective Has The Highly Illegal Cannabis Plant extracts Themselves.